How often do I use the Dermaroller?

This topic causes a lot of confusion for many people as there is a lot of conflicting information on the web.

Many years ago many treatments with skin needling recommended treatments every day to achieve the maximum increase in collagen.

More recent research has shown that a group of enzymes called collagenase peak about 2 weeks after treatment. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down the old misaligned collagen fibres found in scar tissue.

Most websites only talk about creating a new layer of collagen which is an important part of the treatment but not the whole story. You also need to break down the old scar tissue to create new smooth skin in the area.

By waiting 2 weeks you are allowing these enzymes to peak and start to subside before starting to create new collagen again with a new treatment.

It is also considered possible that needling every day may create a more long term level of inflammation in the skin which will not improve results. For these reasons 2 weeks is an ideal gap between treatments for great results.

Which length derma roller should I use?

Needle Length
Aftercare Serum
Increase Transdermal Absorption of Beauty Products through the skin
Anti Aging Serum
Light Anti Aging Facial treatment, Pigmentation issues
Anti Aging serum
Hands, neck, Decolletage
Anti aging serum
1.0mm or 1.0mm dermastamp
Scar serum
Striae (Stretch marks)
Stretch Mark serum
Cellulite serum
Hair Loss
1.0mm dermastamp
Hair Restoration spray

Should I use Vitamin A with the treatments?

It is common practice for many companies to assert that skin needling will only work when used in conjunction with their particular products particularly vitamin A or retinol based creams. This is simply not true. Some studies have been done using skin needling with vitamin A, but many of the best have also been done using ‘dry needling’, or the use of no products. One of the best known of these studies showed that skin needling can increase collagen induction by up to 1,000% after a single session without the addition of vitamin A (1).

That is not to say some products do not assist skin needling. Many of the natural White Lotus serums have been shown to induct collagen and reduce the side-effects of derma rolling. It is important, however to understand that skin needling can induct collagen alone and is a wonderful natural treatment that can be performed successfully without synthetic products that can contribute to unnecessary side-effects.

The use of vitamin A is unnecessary to achieve the results from microneedling which are principally from the induction of collagen. Given that Vitamin A has a degree of known toxicity even used topically and dramatically worsens the dryness caused by microneedling there does not seem to be good enough reason to use these products (2).

1. Schwartz et al, 2006, internet paper. Abstract re ections about COLLAGEN-INDUCTION-THERAPY (CIT) A Hypothesis for the Mechanism of Action of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) using Micro-Needles; 1st edition February 2006. 2nd revision January 2007 Horst Liebl

2. Silverman, A.K., Ellis, C. N. & Voorhees, J. J. (1987). Hypervitaminosis A Syndrome: A Paradigm of Retinoid Side Effects. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 16(5), 1027-1039. 

Is dermarolling painful? Do I need numbing cream?

In clinic we have been practiced consistently for many years using a 0.5 mm microneedle roller without ever using topical anaesthetic. Nor has the need for it ever come up. Patients often report the treatment as “prickly” but rarely report the sensation as painful.

In recent years we have taught hundreds of clinicians our technique for using the microneedle rollers. In these seminars we teach the use of a 0.5mm roller with no anaesthetic. Clinicians have to practice on each other so they can experience how the treatment feels. The constant feedback has been one of surprise. Most had either heard or been taught elsewhere how painful it would be (often taught the hard way).

More recently we added a question on pain perception to the student feedback form submitted following the seminars. 100% of students have submitted the form and so far 91% of 70 students have agreed that the treatment is not painful. Bearing in mind that these treatments are being performed by clinicians using the rollers for the first time these figures are fairly convincing.

We strongly recommend against the use of numbing creams with the Lotus Roller. This works against the philosophy of White Lotus which has always been that the best results can be achieved by enhancing health when providing anti aging solutions.

What to expect following a treatment?

1. Straight afterwards the skin can feel warm and slightly tender. It usually also feels tighter as the fibres in the area contract.

2. Visible inflammation will last less than 24 hours in most cases when using a 0.5mm derma roller.

3. Avoid direct sunlight for a week after treatment.

4. The skin feels quite dry for several days after treatment. Using the White Lotus aftercare serum will relieve this.

5. Collagen induction begins around 48 hours after treatment and the process of transformation continues for 3 - 12 months after each treatment.

6. New collagen created during a treatment will last 5 -7 years.

Can you use a derma roller during pregnancy and breast feeding?

Yes you can perform skin needling during this period.

For extra safety we recommend you only do dry skin needling. This essentially means you use no products with the derma roller. For a product to be approved for use as a drug on pregnant women it must undergo a large scale study solely on pregnant women. No studies of this sort have been conducted on pregnant women anywhere in the world.

Some of our competitors argue that because this is a cosmetic treatment you do not have to worry. We would argue that as skin needling dramatically increases transdermal absorption we need to be more cautious than this despite us selling undoubtedly the safest and most natural derma roller product in the world.

Babies are simply too important!

Can I use the Lotus roller under the eyes?

Yes it is great for reducing those tell-tale lines under and around the eyes.

Some silly sites will tell you to risk your eyeball by rolling into the eye socket. This is of course silly and more importantly unnecessary.

Simply use your other hand to draw the skin under the eye down onto the bone and then you can roll safely and freely.

The skin in this area is very sensitive so it is best to stick to the 0.5mm Lotus Roller.

How much pressure should I apply on the derma roller?

Light pressure is all that is required. You do not need to apply excessive pressure as this depresses the skin and changes the angle of insertion of the micro needles.

Good sharp quality needles will pass easily through the skin with reasonably light pressure making a treatment far easier to perform.

How Do I clean the Lotus roller?

Cleaning the roller can be very simple but first some don’ts!

Don’t leave the roller in a glass or on other surfaces where the tiny needles will get damaged.Don’t use household disinfectants or other potentially toxic products on the roller. They can remain on the roller and be absorbed straight into your skin.

The simplest way is to follow the following instructions

1. Rinse quickly under running water in case there is some residue on it from the skin.

2. Spray the roller from all angles with the Lotus Roller cleaner.

3. Carefully place the roller back into its case making sure the micro needles do not touch anything else.

4. Before using again spray the roller thoroughly again.

5. Wait at least 2 minutes before using it again on the skin.

How do you use the Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are easy to use. They roller are also excellent to use on sensitive areas such as the eyes and neck. The jade rollers are rolled across the face in an upward and outward direction. They can be applied immediately using the following steps.

1. Start all technique on the right side of the face and repeat on the left hand side afterwards.

2. Unlike the micro needle roller you can use long smooth strokes.

3. Roll gently up the throat on the both sides and the middle.

4. From the chin roll out along the jaw line.

5. Gradually move upwards rolling the entire cheek area in an outwards direction.

6. From the edge of the nose roll laterally under the eys.

7. Next roll upwards across the entire cheek

8. From the lateral corner of the eyes roll outwards across the crow’s feet.

9. From the centre of the forehead roll outwards laterally.

10. From the tip of the nose roll upwards to the hair line.

11. Continue to roll upwards across the entire forehead.

12. You can use the diagram of the microneedle roller use on the face to ensure you are rolling in the right direction.

Home users can use the roller after a microneedle treatment. They are fantastic at this point at cooling the skin that can feel a little inflamed and hot after microneedling.

When will I see results?

1. After the first treatment skin will often feel tighter and look fresher.

2. The increase in collagen induction begins within 48 hours of treatment. However it usually takes at least 4 weeks for superior results to be seen.

3. The results will continue to improve for 3-12 months after the treatments as a whole new collagen matrix is formed within the skin.

4. New collagen laid down lasts for a period of 5-7 years making micro needling a very long lasting treatment.

5. The collagen induction will produce a decreased appearance of lines and wrinkles and an increase in the firmness of the skin.

6. Depending on what is being treated there will also be a reduction in visible scar tissue, reduced signs of UV damage, tightening of the skin, reduced hyperpigmentation, less rosacea, thickening of the skin, reduced skin laxity, increase in scalp hair growth, a reduction in the signs of stretch marks and an improvement in cellulite.

Can you sterilise a Dermaroller?

The simple answer is no. The word sterilise has a very strict medical definition. It means that the product is sterile as it was when new (after initial gamma ray or EO sterilisation) and can then be used on a different person.

The only way to redo this with medical equipment such as a derma roller is to use an autoclaving machine which unfortunately also melts the roller and damages the needles.

We are often asked why some companies sell cleaners that sterilise the roller while our cleaners only disinfect the rollers. This is because any company that advertises that their cleaner sterilises the roller simply does not understand the meaning of the word and you should perhaps view them with caution if you plan to purchase products from them.

Whether a needle device is sterile or not is not something you can take chances with?

Our cleaners use either isopropyl alcohol or colloidal silver in the natural cleaner to kill 99.99% of bacteria so reducing any risk of skin infection.

Beware false claims on this subject!

Step by Step Skin Needling Instructions

There is a lot of conflicting and often unhelpful information on the website about skin needling.

It can get very confusing! Below we have put together a very simple set of instructions to help clear the waters for you.

Remember all White Lotus products come with full in depth instructions and support. We help you get the best out of our products.

If you are still confused we have a book and DVD for sale on the website!!

Step by step Instructions

1. Cleanse the skin using the White Lotus Cleanser or appropriate organic cleanser. Remember this step is important as the skin needling will increase the absorption of any products still on the skin.

2. Apply half a dropper of the appropriate White Lotus Serum to the skin and gently massage into the skin.

3. Apply skin needling using the correct needle length. Roll across each area approximately 15-20 times.

4. After the treatments don’t use any products other than the serum for at least 8 hours as absorption through the skin is still increased during this time and many products are not made to be absorbed in this way.

5. Clean the roller using the White Lotus cleaner.

4. In between treatments use about 6 drops of the White Lotus serum mixed with a little water to cover the face once or twice a day.

5. A Normal course of treatments is 6 which are spaced between 2 weeks apart. This means the entire course of treatment takes around 3 months. After this you can take a month or so off and then start another course of treatment as required.

Why are White Lotus treatments different?

White Lotus treatments adhere to 3 unique principles

Principle 1 – Use Only Natural Substances during Micro needling Treatments

All substances used before, during and after the micro needling treatments have to be natural in origin. We do not include mass produced synthetic vitamins, minerals, peptides or stem cells in this category.

Micro needling is known to dramatically increase the absorption of products through the skin making it very important we know exactly what is being absorbed.

Principle 2 – Use the Least Invasive Micro needling Techniques to Achieve the Desired Results

This is a principle which influences which needle length you choose, the length of treatment and the techniques used during treatment.

In adopting micro needling the cosmetic industry has applied its existing philosophy that excessive damage to the skin is often justified for short term results. The natural progression from this attitude is the use of more and more invasive and damaging techniques to ensure quick results at any cost.

To create holistic micro needling we need to use the shortest needles possible and cause the minimum trauma possible to achieve the desired results.

We also need to apply very specific rolling techniques to minimise any pain or side effects caused by the treatments. To do otherwise is simply creating an unnecessary burden on the body’s resources.

Principle 3 – Apply the Principals of Traditional Medicine to Improve Micro needling Treatments

The principals of traditional medicine systems such as Chinese Medicine were designed to work with the body as a whole. Excessive trauma could not be applied to one part of the body without ramifications for the rest of the body.

Achieving this holistic approach to micro needling is simple to achieve when we apply the theories of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture theory to modern micro needling. This provides us with a framework in which to work and a foundation for the treatments.

This principal leads us to a variety of possibilities for the use of micro needling combined with natural ingredients for therapeutic as well as cosmetic purposes.